I was given tens of hours of footage featuring a travel show hosted by Mandy Lauderdale.  They needed a reinvention of the show.  I had a great host, cool locations but no thread.  What I found was a "Dirty Jobs" for the Vain viewer.


A show about all the things we do to stay young. No matter how painful.  I story produced, directed and edited on this project.

The Vortex Games

Food Network was looking for a game show centered around food.  I immediately wanted to do a game show with willing contestants in an unconventional environment.  The legendary Vortex restaurant had both.  We produced games at a moments notice and created TV personalities out of the staff. The Vortex became a dining experience. I created and field produced this show.

Indiegogo and Kickstarter wanted to showcase their up and coming home tech. History Channel wanted to feature it. The problem with new tech is that it's unpredictable! Every day on set was a new challenge tackled with creativity. I paired Simon Yin (tapped from History Channel Asia) and Vivian Rosenthal (CEO of Snaps) to host. I created and field produced this show.


I co-produced M'larky for Comedy Central with Dan Fogler and Josh Warren.  As a field producer I held the projects hand from script to air.  As the Art Director I managed a team of creatives bringing to life the shows animation, logo and aesthetic.


Dr. Lung Love

Lung Cancer Alliance Campaign

Recipient of Black Caucus Award

That's me bald and rapping. I produced, wrote and performed 'Waiting Room Service' among other various online skits becoming the face of The Lung Cancer Alliance. I even got to meet Congressman John Lewis in D.C. as Dr. Lung Love when receiving an award for the campaign.

Movie and A Makeover

Field Director of multiple episodes.  I managed field crews for days creating roll in packages with talented design hosts.  Our task was wrought with deadlines, design challenges and innovation paving the way for the "Home Design" shows you see today.

A.R. Santamaria



A.R. started as an NBC Page giving studio tours and eventually worked his way up as Producer for NBC dramas over six years. A.R. then spent three years with Turner Originals where he produced numerous shows and sold his first show, “8 Mexicans In A Truck” followed by creating Marketzero, a partnership focused on creating original content for sale and further obtaining representation with One Entertainment and ICM.  A.R. Santamaria has spent the better part of 15 years learning how networks think and how to build a concept up from a log line to something you can actually DVR. More importantly, A.R. has built relationships with Executives, Directors, Producers, Show Runners, Writers and crew members who do great things.



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